Research Projects

The participating researchers contribute a broad spectrum of microbiological, molecular biological, biochemical and biophysical techniques whose combination will gain comprehensive insights into the studied processes. A well-established network of internationally recognized principal investigators from various disciplines guarantees the success of the scientific programme. A comprehensive and structured qualification programme based on two local graduate schools is complemented by specific modules tailored to the interests of doctoral researchers in MiCon. It includes an internship in an academic or industrial group outside Bochum, and guaranties that early career researchers graduating from the RTG can build on a solid, yet individual education providing excellent qualifications to prevail in the competitive job market.

Conversion of Small Inorganic Compounds

Biosynthesis of Specialized Metabolites

Julia Bandow

Polyether ionophore

Ute Krämer

Biosynthesis of the natural high-affinity metal chelator nicotianamine with applications in biofortification and medicine

Franz Narberhaus

Bacterial phospholipid biosynthesis enzymes

Frank Schulz

Proofreading functions in the biosynthesis of reduced polyketides                                                             

Selective (Chemo-)Enzymatic Conversion of Small Organic Substrates